Many Options with the Harrah’s Entertainment Group

So Many Options with the Harrah's Entertainment GroupI love Las Vegas. The city is just so full of life, and there is always something to do. But what if you don’t gamble? Don’t worry. There is plenty to do in Las Vegas besides gambling. You can take in a show, or hit up one of the buffets. It seems like every hotel has one of these, and for around $30 you can eat all you want. Or, just walk up and down the strip shopping the malls, checking out the sights, and people watching. That might be my favorite part of Las Vegas!

There are so many great hotels out there. You have the big, expensive hotels like the Bellagio, and then more affordable hotels like Circus Circus Hotel & Casino. I have stayed in both of these hotels, and when you are in Vegas, as long as there is a bed for you to fall asleep in and a shower to refresh yourself, that is all you need.

One thing that you might not know about Las Vegas hotels and casinos is that hotel management groups own them. For instance, Harrah’s Entertainment owns some of the most well known hotels out there. Below, I’ll introduce you to all of the hotels in Las Vegas that are owned by the Harrah’s Entertainment group. You might be surprised what you find.

Bally’s Las Vegas

The first time I was in Las Vegas we stayed at Bally’s. It is located right next door to Paris Las Vegas, and is a very nice hotel. The entrance to the hotel is cool, and the rooms are quite nice. You get a good view of the strip as well. A lot of bigger hotels, the affordable ones at least, are nowhere near the strip.

There are over 2,800 rooms in this hotel. That might seem like a lot, but some of the hotels I talk about here today will have almost twice that number. One thing I like about this hotel is that not only do they give you a place to stay, but they also operate the Rio Secca Golf Club and Cascata golf courses. They also have the largest tennis complex on the strip. The golf courses are not on the property, but the tennis complex is.

I enjoyed my stay here, and I will stay there again in the future I am sure. The location is just so hard to beat. Too bad I don’t play tennis!

Caesars Palace

Remember when I said that some of these hotels would have more rooms? This is one of them. This hotel has over 4,000 rooms and is located in the heart of Las Vegas. I say that loosely, as it is just down the street from Bally’s. But this hotel is known for more than just awesome rooms and incredible view. This hotel also has a variety of world-renowned spas and salons, and some of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas.

I have never stayed here, mainly because of how much rooms cost per night, but I have visited this hotel more than once. There are some great clubs and some really nice shopping here. The views from the entrance to the hotel are also nice, and you might just see a celebrity walking around somewhere if you are lucky. I hear Lindsey Lohan likes to stay here.

Flamingo Las Vegas

This hotel is old, rustic, and exactly what you expect to find on the Las Vegas strip. I like this place because of the history it has in Las Vegas, and also because it is close to O’Sheas’s, one of my favorite casinos in Las Vegas.

This hotel has over 3,600 rooms and has been in business since 1946. It sits in the center of the Las Vegas strip and is known as one of the original four Las Vegas casinos. There are tons of bars in this hotel, and you can actually get lost walking around the casino. I sometimes like to play poker here if I can find a spot at a table. It is always packed. And you can’t walk in and not smell the smoke. The ventilation is terrible. But that’s okay, you are in Vegas; you expect that.

Harrah’s Las Vegas

That makes sense, huh? Harrah’s Entertainment owns Harrah’s Las Vegas . Located, again, right in the middle of the strip, is Harrah’s. They have 2,500 rooms, and while that is not the most of the bunch, they are all basically brand new. They just went through a huge renovation a few years ago. If you stay here, you can swim in one of their pools, grab a drink in one of their many bars, or just use it as a place to crash after a long night on the strip.

I have never stayed here, but I have walked through it a time or two. The hotel is nice, don’t get me wrong, but based on the list of hotels they own, it is not the most scenic. Nothing really special here, if you ask me, and based on what they charge for a room, I would rather stay somewhere else.

Imperial Palace

This hotel has over 2,500 rooms as well and has all of the things you need to experience Las Vegas in one shot. Attractions include a shopping mall, nightclubs, tons of restaurants, and a few spas. There is also an antique car collection here, with over $100 million in automobiles on display or visitors and guests.

I almost stayed here on my last trip to Las Vegas, but ended up getting a room elsewhere. This place is nice, but again, nothing too fancy. I have had dinner in one of their restaurants before as well. But the highlight of this place is the car collection. There are some pretty cool looking rides here. And if you ask around on the strip, I am sure you can get some comped passes to the gallery.

Paris Las Vegas

This is my far my favorite hotel in Las Vegas. I have only stayed here once, but the atmosphere, the replica to scale Eifel Tower out front, and the decorations this place has inside make it a perfect fit for me. I love the city of Paris, and to be able to stay in Paris, yet not leave the United States, is okay with me.

This hotel has almost 3,000 rooms and is always booked. It sits next to Bally’s and gives you a great view of the outside. One of my favorite places to eat in Las Vegas is here as well, and you can sit outside enjoying the weather and the people watching while having a meal.

This hotel also has two pools on the top of the building. They are called roof-top pools (go figure) and they are open to guests staying in the hotel. They are pretty cool, and if you have never taken a dive in a rooftop pool before, you need to; it is an epic feeling to swim on the top of a building. Especially Paris in Las Vegas.

Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

This place is cool for a couple of reasons. First, they have some pretty solid nightclubs and some incredible spas on property. But the coolest thing about this place is the lagoon.

The hotel also has over 2,500 rooms and on the 60th floor you can take in the views from VooDoo Lounge. This is a fun place to go, but with $9 bottles of beer, you won’t be staying long. It is worth it, though, to grab a drink and stare out at the night life happening in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With these seven hotels under their belt, some of them being the nicest places to stay in Vegas, Harrah’s are doing all right for themselves. Considering that these hotels are pretty much booked every night of the week all year round, someone is raking in the dough. The next time you are in Las Vegas, grab a room at one of the Harrah’s Entertainment group hotels. You wont regret it. (If I were you, I would stay at Paris Las Vegas. But that’s just me!)