Luke Bond Interview

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Luke Bond

The Sound of Garuda: Chapter 3 just came out and to help promote the release guys like Luke Bond and Ben Gold did some live stuff on Mixify. I wasn’t familiar with Mixify, but it seems like a pretty cool concept. I did a little research, connected everything to my Facebook page, and joined right as Luke was wrapping up. Before he was done, I noticed they had a chat window on the right hand side of the screen. Then I noticed a few familiar faces in the room, including Ben Gold! Then I saw Luke was chatting with fans. I was bold and asked for an interview… a LIVE interview! He agreed, and I got the chance to ask him a few questions before he was finished with his set. It might be the shortest interview I have ever conducted, but it was fun doing it live while I listened to him spin.

Thanks to Mixify for putting this together. The live sets were apparently a release party for the album. That is my kind of release party! Now I need to go listen to more Luke Bond. Bond. Luke Bond. See what I did there? Fun!

So you are a DJ AND a producer. Do you prefer one to the other and do you think you can be one and not the other?

I love both; they feed off one another. Producing is really fun. You can pretty much do whatever the hell you want in audio and then go out and play it to a crowd which is where the DJing comes into play!

Tell me more about your new radio show coming to AH.FM.

Basically it’s an hour show each month on AH.FM called Hollywood and starts next Wednesday. It will be available by iTunes and SoundCloud the following day, too. It will cover all sorts of music including progressive house, techno, melodic and uplifting trance.

How did you get hooked up with AVA? Tell me more about your relationship with them.

Hooked up through AVA through their management. Sent them over “Superstar” and “Hollywood” and Andy Moor wanted it straight away! (Laughs.)

That was a VERY short interview, but it was fun doing it live while 350+ fans watched our conversation. I recently did an interview with Topher Jones in a Google+ Hangout, and now this. The sky is the limit with where and how I can conduct interviews. That was fun, even though we only got to chat for a few minutes. Hope you enjoyed the interview AND the new release from Garuda. Let’s dance, people!

Luke Bond – Superstar (Original Mix)

Luke Bond – Hollywood (Original Mix)

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