QuikTrip Delivers Outstanding Customer Service

QuikTrip Delivers Outstanding Customer Service

A few weeks ago I stopped by QuikTrip on my way home from the gym for some gas. I noticed an advertisement for Candy Cane Hole Bunches. They looked delicious, and I justified buying some considering I had just left the gym! So I went inside only to find no Candy Cane Hole Bunches available for purchase. Come to find out they only get delivery on doughnuts once per day, and they were already gone for the day. Now, it was early, so either these things fly off the shelf or they hadn’t received their shipment for the day yet. Regardless, they had advertised something that I wanted to buy and I was unable to. I was upset.

On my way back to the car, I tweeted about it, and carried on with my day. A few minutes later, literally a few minutes later, they responded with a link to their website where I could explain more about my experience. I did and expected it to end there. It didn’t. The next day I received an email from Gary Mootz. He apologized, and said he was going to pass my concerns on to the area manager. I am not sure if he did or not, but a few days later, I received a personalized letter from Gary with two complementary drink coupons.

Here is what the letter said:

Dear Ricky:

I would like to apologize for the experience you had at our store. I have contacted the store supervisor so they can review our store policies with our team members. Hopefully this will resolve the issue.

At QuikTrip we strive everyday to provide our customers with quality products and services at a fair price as well as the most professional, well-trained employees anywhere. Comments such as yours help us to achieve these goals by letting us know when we fall short.

I am very sorry we disappointed you and I hope you will once again shop our stores and receive quality customer service products you have come to expect at QuikTrip.

I am enclosing 2 free drink coupons that I hope you will use on a future visit at one of our locations. Thank you again for shopping QuikTrip.


Gary Mootz
Division Manager
Arizona Division

I have been back since, not only for the free drinks, but to fill up my gas tank. This particular location is great, their prices are competitive, and the store is always clean. The staff is pretty great, too. Funny story… The last time I was there, I wasn’t hungry. But they had plenty of Candy Cane Hole Bunches for sale.

Anyway, this is how it should be done. Would Shell or BP respond like this? Not sure… But QuikTrip showed unforgettable customer services that inspired this blog post and has turned me into a lifelong customer. Thanks for that, team. Cheers!