Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Kyau & Albert

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Kyau & Albert

I first interviewed Kyau & Albert in 2012. A lot has changed over the years, and in 2016 these guys are celebrating 20 years. Can you imagine… producing some of the best trance music for 20 years. It was a thrill to interview them in 2012, but even more so now. In addition to that, they are on the road right now playing tour dates from Scottsdale (sad I missed that show) to Amsterdam and everywhere in between. They also have a new single out titled “Sleeping Lions” and show no sign of slowing down. In an effort to learn more about what these guys have been up to, I decided it was time to interview them again. Team, it is my pleasure to introduce you once again to Kyau & Albert.

You guys have been doing this for 20 years. Let’s go back to the beginning. How did it all start?
Steven Albert
: We both grew up in the same old town in Germany and already met when we were teenagers. I was already interested in music as school kid, then wanted to become a musician when I was a teenager.
Ralph Kyau: I was introduced to disco and synthesizer music by my bigger brother at the age of 10. Then I had the desire to play the keyboard. So I started to learn it. We both met through our friend Marco, who is our manager today. In 1996 we released the first Kyau & Albert single, which became a club hit in Germany. Then we started to do live performances. At that time we were not deejaying yet.

Did you ever think that 20 years later you would still be producing dance music?
Ralph Kyau
: Definitely not! As teenager you don’t plan for decades. It was just fun making music together and to share the same musical taste as we still do. At that time dance music was pretty fresh shit.

Do you have anything special planned to celebrate this milestone?
Steven Albert
: Over the year we are releasing a series of 20 years EPs. These feature the biggest Kyau & Albert classics and our personal favorites in brand new remixes. In September we are releasing also a full 20 years album. Still A&Ring the last remixes for the long player.

Ralph Kyau: Additionally we are touring under 20 years K&A. For example, in this summer we will be in Belfast, Phoenix, Seattle, Manchester, Buffalo NY, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Denver, Montreal, Amsterdam, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Calgary, plus shows in Czech Republic and Germany. Best is to check out our homepage or our social media to see a show nearby!

Having been doing this for 20 years now, I bet you have some crazy stories. Tell me a story about life on the road!
Ralph Kyau
: We have seen so many places and met so many people. Unfortunately most times we’re only seeing hotel and club.

Steven Albert: When we spent sometimes a few days longer, then we often did road trips, for example we drove the whole west coast a few times.

Ralph Kyau: Really exciting for me were the road trips in Australia and New Zealand. More exotic shows in Kenya on the beach of the Indian Ocean, playing into the sunrise. Also remembering playing at Arctic Circle or going by train over night from gig to gig in Siberia in the winter.

Over the years, did you ever think it wouldn’t last? Have there been any major challenges over the years?
Steven Albert
: There were always times when you think, what would I like to do also in my life, but then inspiration comes back or you had a great tour and I am under fire again.

Ralph Kyau: Any new studio album is a challenge, especially when deadlines come nearer and you still want to adjust so many things, if you know what I mean.

I am always curious what headphones DJs use. What headphones are on your head right now?
Steven Albert
: A few years ago we got from Pioneer two of their HDJ 2000 and we love them now so much that we always buy a new one, when one brakes or get lost somewhere.

You’ve worked with and remixed some of the biggest names in dance music history. Of all the names you’ve worked with, who are some of your favorites?
Ralph Kyau: There are so many artists. Only to name a few of the biggest; Above & Beyond, Paul van Dyk and just recently with Markus Schulz on his new album.

Tell me about your shows with Aly & Fila.
Ralph Kyau: We have played with Aly & Fila many times over the years, but not many people know that we discovered them and released their first single ever on our label Euphonic Records. But they wanted to start their own label quite early and joined Armada Music then. Think it is over 10 years ago now. It’s always great to see Fila somewhere in the world. Haven’t seen Aly anymore in person since he came to my house in around 2004 or so.

Are there any artists you haven’t worked with you would like to?
Steven Albert
: I would love to work with Andrew Bayer. Really like his versatility.

Tell me more about “About The Sun.”
Steven Albert: The track was premiered on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy 150 in Sydney and then an exclusive track on their Anjunabeats Volume 12 compilation. The single was finally released in April.

Ralph Kyau: And there’s a brand new single called “Sleeping Lions” which comes out on Anjunbeats on June 10. We have another new one coming in August.

Tell me about Euphonic. How did it start? What has your journey been with that? Who are some artists you’re working with that are exciting you guys right now?
Ralph Kyau
: We founded Euphonic in 1997. The business completely changed from physical releases on vinyl and CD to almost digital today. The product cycle of a single was longer in the past. In my opinion today music doesn’t have the value anymore as 15 years ago. Key label artists over the years were Stoneface & Terminal, Ronski Speed, Mirco de Govia, Sonorous, Steve Brian only to name a few.

In first years of Euphonic we also released singles by Armin van Buuren and a lot material by Above & Beyond.

Steven Albert: New talents on Euphonic right now are for example Local Heroes and Mino Safy.

It sounds like it’s been a great 20 years. What’s next for you two?
Ralph Kyau: Already working on the new studio album. More details end of the year.

I interviewed you guys 4 years ago, and I am grateful for the opportunity to do it again this year. If you recall, in all of the interviews I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.
Ralph Kyau: Thanks for your interview Ricky!

Steven Albert: To all our fans: don’t miss our 20 years shows over the summer!

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