Origins of Arnie's Army

Origins of Arnie’s Army

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We all know who Arnold Palmer is… He’s The King. One of the most legendary names in all of golf, Palmer sadly passed away on September 25, 2016.

I was flipping through the August 2017 issue of Executive Golfer Magazine and Mark Pazdur, publisher, wrote a nice piece on Arnie. It focused on Palmer’s relationship with Ketel One Vodka, the premium vodka distilled five miles from Rotterdam, a city in the Netherlands. Palmer’s favorite drink was Ketel One Vodka on the rocks with a lemon twist. When Palmer died, as a way to pay tribute to the king, kettle released a limited edition bottle dawning his legacy. The bottle says, “Dear Mr. Palmer, This one’s for you.”

In addition to his legacy, chances are good you’ve heard of Arnie’s Army. I am familiar with it, but never knew where the name came from. Well, now I do. Check this out:

“In 1959, Arnold Palmer was defending champion at the Masters. It was also the first year the tournament was televised. So to fill the gallery (in the early years the Masters did not sell out), Clifford Roberts, co-founder of Augusta National, offered free passes to any soldier who showed up in uniform. Many, not knowing golf, followed Arnie’s as defending champion. One of the GIs working the back nine scoreboard announced the arrival of “Arnie’s Army” and the moniker stuck.”

Crazy story, right? I had no idea… Anyway, it was a good piece and I appreciate Mark’s attention Palmer’s relationship with Ketel One Vodka. Arnie might not be with us, but his legacy lives on. Cheers!